Established Alumni: Nikki Boyer ’97


The entertainment industry is filled with talented professionals, but ask Nikki Boyer what helps set her apart and she’ll provide one answer — her School of Communications education.

“Most people in my field never went to college,” she said.

Boyer earned her BA in Media Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism in 1997. And although she never became a formal broadcast journalist, the skills and training she received at Webster helped her find success in an industry she loves.

“I never knew my degree in broadcast journalism would help me so much in my career,” said Boyer, who splits time hosting television shows, acting and singing lead vocals in a Los Angeles band.

At Webster, Boyer learned all aspects of broadcast production. She learned to produce, write, edit and read news on air.

“We would shoot our own stories for the newscast at Webster and then come back and put it all together,” she said. “I really appreciated the hands-on experience. We weren’t sitting and talking about what it would be like to put a story together, but actually doing it.”

It’s skills such as these that Boyer relied upon during her two-year stint as host of TLC’s “Perfect Proposal.” With only four people responsible for the production of each episode, Boyer was able to put all her production skills to the test.


“It was a crazy, hectic job,” she said. “But it was very much like what I did at Webster. Knowing all that I did from Webster helped me become a more effective host.”

TLC no longer produces “Perfect Proposal,” but don’t think that Boyer’s suddenly found herself flooded with free time.

She continues to do voiceover work for ABC Family, Babyfirst TV and the local PBS affiliate in Los Angeles. She recently appeared in television shows “The ‘L’ Word” and “According to Jim.” And she hosted red-carpet coverage of the Emmy Awards for the TV Guide Channel.

As if those opportunities weren’t enough, Boyer also fronts “The Spirit Theory,” a Los Angeles-based band that plays rock music with a positive message. Occasionally, Boyer edits audio and video for some of her agents’ other clients.

“Part of me thinks I create some of this havoc just to keep myself busy,” she said. “It feels like ever since I moved [to L.A.], I’ve been in a race to find opportunities.”

And while those opportunities seem plentiful now, she said, the key to her success is the enjoyment of actually doing them. Said Boyer: “You have to enjoy what you’re doing and just be thankful that you can make a living doing it.”