Just Landed: Mosmi Biscuitwala ’06


SCAN highlights School of Communications alumni who recently landed jobs in their field. Mosmi Biscuitwala (MA, Media Communications with an emphasis in Communications Management, 2006) works as a meeting planner for General Mills in Minneapolis, Minn.

SCAN: How did you land your job?

Mosmi Biscuitwala: Networking, persistence and timing.

SCAN: When did you realize this was the career for you?

MB: I wouldn’t call this my career; I would call this a stepping-stone. I do know that being at General Mills (GMI) in this current role is providing me with a great opportunity to explore different job functions, gain great exposure and acquire knowledge about a global foods company.

SCAN: Any funny interview stories to share?

MB: Often interviewers will be caught off guard when they meet me and mistake me for a male because of my unusual name.

SCAN: Any advice for those looking for a job?

MB: Always, always follow up. Just because you do not hear back from a company/HR does not mean you are not being considered. Be persistent.

SCAN: Any classes you wish you would’ve taken at Webster but didn’t?

MB: Project Management, Cross-Cultural Management.

SCAN: Best on-the-job experience so far?

MB: Everyday — I get the opportunity to interact with all levels of the organization. The experience is phenomenal.

SCAN: Company you’d kill to work for?

MB: Major League Baseball would be a dream organization to work for/with one day.

SCAN: Person you most admire in your field?

MB: Although she is not in my field, I truly admire Mindy Berkowitz, Internship Coordinator at Webster University. She has the ability to work under great amounts of pressure and her focus always amazes me. Also, while I was at Webster she was a great guide and mentor to me. She always had time for students regardless of what was on her plate.

SCAN: What Web site is your home away from “Home”?

MB: Yahoo.com and stlcardinals.com

SCAN: Best way to fuel creativity?

MB: Practicing yoga — I need a clear mind to get me thinking positively and in turn foster my creativity.

SCAN: What’s on your desk right now?

MB: A butterfly paperweight that says, “Delight in the details and every day will be a pleasure.”

SCAN: How many hours a week do you work?

MB: 45–50, also if there is an event on the weekend or evening I will attend those as well.

SCAN: Favorite fringe benefit of your job?

MB: As a company GMI has an onsite salon, fitness center, grocery store, coffee shop, daycare and half-day Fridays in the summer. Working in corporate meetings/events there are a ton of perks — the best benefit is I get acquainted with the right people at the best restaurants.

SCAN: What’s on your iPod?

MB: Everything — lots of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hip Hop, andElliott Smith.

SCAN: Things you miss most about Webster?

MB: The faculty and staff — without their encouragement I would not have as much confidence as I have today.