Just Landed: Mandy Tipton ’05

Mandy Tipton

SCAN highlights School of Communications alumni who recently landed jobs in their field. Mandy Tipton (BA, Public Relations, 2005) works as the development coordinator for The Ronald McDonald House Charities in St. Louis.

SCAN: How did you land your job?

Mandy Tipton: After serving as an intern at The Ronald McDonald House in the Spring 2005 (my senior semester), I went on to work at three different organizations. But I kept in touch with my supervisor at The Ronald McDonald House because I knew that if I ever had the opportunity to get a full-time job there, I would want to take advantage of it.

SCAN: When did you realize this was the career for you?

MT: As an intern I was not too interested in going into non-profit work right away because I knew the pay was not very high, but after working in different environments, I came to realize that there are more important things than making a lot of money. I love the feeling that I get after each day knowing that I have contributed to such an amazing organization.

SCAN: What’s the best way to prepare for an interview?

MT: Practicing the tough questions is very important in an interview. It is difficult for most people to talk highly of themselves so the more practice you get, the better you will be.

SCAN: Any advice for those looking for a job?

MT: Follow up!!! After every résumé that you send, follow up with the contact at that organization. It is important to realize that people in hiring position have other responsibilities and it might help to get a little reminder.

SCAN: What classes taught you the most about your chosen industry?

MT: I enjoyed many classes at Webster, but some of my favorites were Crisis Communications, Special Events andCampaigns.

SCAN: Best on-the-job experience so far?

MT: I have just gotten through every event at The Ronald McDonald House and just being able to see how a first class organization runs such successful events is an amazing experience.

SCAN: Worst on-the-job experience so far?

MT: I have realized that it is very difficult to please everyone. It is important to try but not to get discouraged when someone is not completely satisfied. Be confident that you have done your best and learn from your experiences.

SCAN: Company you’d kill to work for?

MT: Because I work for The Ronald McDonald House, I admire any organization that contributes so much time, energy and funds into charities and Anheuser-Busch and Coca-Cola are two organizations that I would love to work for because there is such a strong tie to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

SCAN: What Web site do you visit just to kill time?

MT: There is not much down time at my job (one of the reasons why I like it so much) but if I do have any time to surf the web it is to catch up on current events at www.stltoday.com.

SCAN: Best way to fuel creativity?

MT: I find that my creativity flows when I am working out or doing something that is not work related.

SCAN: What’s on your desk right now?

MT: Piles of work, business cards, a Diet Coke, crackers and aRonald McDonald House Tab Top House (save your tabs!!!)

SCAN: How many hours a week do you work?

MT: During a regular week when we are not in the middle of an event it’s about 45 hours, but during event weeks it can get up to 80 hours.

SCAN: Favorite fringe benefit of your job?

MT: I think the freedom and respect that we receive as employees is one of the biggest benefits at this job. I am reassured often that I am trusted and a valued person in the organization.

SCAN: Is your current salary more or less than you expected to be making at this point?

MT: My salary is more than I expected at this point … especially working for a non-profit organization.

SCAN: What do you plan to do on your next paid vacation day?

MT: I actually just got back from a family vacation in Florida that was very relaxing.

SCAN: Things you miss most about Webster?

MT: I miss learning from professors that have actual life experience in their field. I plan on getting my master’s degree in the future and Webster is top on my list.