St. Louis Welcomes Back TV Producer and SOC Alum

Janaye Williams, Broadcast Journalism ’10, is on her way back to St. Louis to join KSDK, where she will be a producer on weekend nights.  Prior to that, Janaye was working as a producer at WSOC-TV in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has worked at KMOV and interned at KTVI as well.


Janaye Williams, Broadcast Journalism, BA, 2010

Janaye tells us she always knew she wanted to be a TV producer, and over the past two years she’s adopted the personal motto, “Expect the Unexpected.”

“As you can imagine, each day is filled with a new developing story,” she says.  “There’s no such thing as a ‘typical day.”

Before moving to Charlotte, Janaye studied at Webster, where she says the single most important skill she learned was to be a solid writer.   “As a producer, it is extremely important to be able to write scripts that are not only accurate, but concise, conversational and easy to understand,” she tells us.  “Taking classes like Eileen Solomon’s TV Broadcast Journalism class, Mary Cox’s TV writing course, and even Larry Baden’s Law in the Media class really helped me sharpen that skill.”

After graduation, Janaye spent some time as a web producer at KMOV in St. Louis. She then learned about the position in Charlotte by “scouring through the internet,” as she says,  “searching for any job I could find. It took me about six months to land [it].  I think luck combined with great a attitude, great references and the know how to back it up, all played a part.”

We asked Janaye what tips she would offer someone looking to follow a similar career path.  “There have been countless times when I’ve doubted myself, or felt like I couldn’t achieve something,” she says.  “But if you work hard and stay the course, I’ve learned anything is possible.  For anyone out there hoping to follow a similar path, my best advice is to work hard and never let anyone tell you you can’t do something.”

Janaye also notes that making contacts is extremely important. “Many times it’s not ‘what’ you know, but ‘who’ you know. If you can believe it, TV is a tight-knit circle. It’ll really surprise you who-knows-whom in this business. “


Janaye Williams at WSOC-TV in Charlotte, North Carolina

We wish Janaye the best in her career move back to St. Louis, and hope for many exciting future successes.