Radhika Rai: Getting It Done, Getting an Edge, Going International


Radhika Rai, B.A., Advertising & Marketing, ’05

Radhika Rai is a foodie who moved to Delhi from New York City after having worked at various agencies for six years.  Although she imagined being in the agency business for a long time, she saw growth potential in moving in a slightly different direction.  Radhika says she was interested in pursuing a position in a startup environment when she discovered an opportunity at Zomato, an online restaurant and nightlife guide with the most comprehensive information on restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightclubs across eight countries including India, UK, UAE, New Zealand, South Africa, Philippines, Qatar, and South Africa.

Radhika joined Zomato as a Vice President of Marketing and for the first six months handled on-ground community management and events, as well as launching the Zomato Connoisseurs’ Guide to Eating Out for six cities in India.  Her first big luxury?  “Rent on a swanky Manhattan loft near Union Square.  And it was the best luxury I bought,” she says.  Since then, she has been a part of the international expansion team in three countries, including London, and has led the operations in the Philippines & Brazil from scout to set-up.

“The digital space is changing so rapidly,” Radhika says.  “It is important for every company and person to constantly think about what the audience will desire two months from now.  In the online information space, there will be new players emerging and a lot of acquisition in the next two to three years.”


Radhika Rai, B.A., Advertising & Marketing, ’05

This speedy change is exactly why Radhika finds her work to be so exciting, and she especially likes not knowing which country she will be in tomorrow.  “It is absolutely exhilarating to be part of a startup that moves at the pace of lightning.  Today I might be in India working on the new TV ads, tomorrow in Southeast Asia, working on the print guide.”

At Webster, Radhika says she learned to network and put herself “out there” when opportunities came along.  “[Networking] is a very rare skill for undergrad schools to inculcate in their students and all of the professors at the Webster School of Communications help you hone in on this skill.  Making time for extra-curricular activities, clubs, and events on campus while maintaining a crazy course load taught me how to be efficient with my time and ‘get sh*t done,’” she says.  “That’s pretty much the motto at Zomato.  Getting things done quickly is what gives [a person] the edge in the digital space.”

Radhika says she also benefitted from her education at Webster because of Webster’s global community access.  “I still try to keep in touch with as many of my peers as possible and recently met a classmate in Bangkok.  One day I was parking my car in New Delhi and on the radio was an ad for Webster University!  It was definitely a proud moment.”

Radhika says great people, not great ideas, make great businesses.  “You might have an award-winning idea, but if you don’t have the right people to execute it, it’s going to sit in your garage,” she says.

If you’re a great person—an “experimental soul who considers him/herself bold enough to try something new, and want to be part of building an awesome organization,” Radhika encourages you to email your résumé to her at Radhika@zomato.com.  She adds, “Must be willing to take on anything and everything.”

We can’t help but be infused with her enthusiasm!  For job openings around the world, check out www.zomato.com/careers.