Want to Write for Television? Read Jessica Butler

hwoodSure, it would be nice if her “Hollywood University” blog logged millions of hits and made her millions of dollars in the process, but that isn’t why Jessica Butler started it.

“I did this because I knew students needed it,” said Butler (BA, Media Communications with an emphasis in Scriptwriting, 2004). “It could become huge and that would be nice, but it’s not really why I’m doing it.

“A lot of people helped me when I was breaking into the industry, so I figured I could help out others in the same situation.”

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Dean’s Discretionary Fund Earmarked for Student Travel

Sanjin Alisic wasn’t even sure he wanted to attend.

The 2007 SIGGRAPH International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technologies was across the country in San Diego, Calif. — an expensive plane ticket for an experience Alisic wasn’t sure would be worth it.

It was the supportive financial nudge from the dean’s office that made the trip possible. Continue reading