Freelance Filmmaker, Maximilian Reid ’11, On Creativity and the Benefits of Living a Full, Fascinating Life

Maximilian Reid is an LA-based filmmaker.  He is also an intellectual—a multifaceted, creative thinker, a man of many skills, and an all-around remarkable person.


Maximilian Reid, Film Production ’11

A year and a half ago, a recently graduated Max moved to LA, where he says he was happy to work on set for free in order to begin gaining experience and building his résumé. Now, Max says the tricky part, “is knowing when to say, ‘No thank you.’”

Max advises anyone interested in a similar career path to “Spend your time deliberately and your money wisely.”  In the film industry, the route to success often starts as a production assistant.  “And for most people that’s the right path, “ he says. “It’s where I started.  But I’ve found that progress depends on luck, ingenuity, and personality.”

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Ashley Lam, ’11, Freelance Production Assistant: On Hollywood. And Crocheted Beards.

This is Ashley Lam.

Photo 547Ashley graduated in May 2011 with a BA in photography. Now, she lives and works in Hollywood, where she freelances as a Production Assistant. She’s worked on an variety of exciting projects already, including the game show Oh Sit!; the 2012 Burt Reynolds film, How Sweet It Is; and the TV series, Through the Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman.

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Like Social Media? How Maggie Gravier ’12 Networked Her Way Into a Job

Meet Maggie Gravier, 22 year-old Photographer at goBRANDgo!, St. Louis, MO.  She also owns her own photography business, Margaret Gravier Photo.

Maggie Gravier graduated from Webster with a BA in photography in Spring, 2012.  But before the ink even dried on her diploma, Maggie had already landed a permanent job as a social media/marketing specialist, which quickly developed into much more.  How, exactly, does that happen?  Five words:  Maggie is a networking machine.

Network Network Network and then Network some more

“In the past year, I have become completely obsessed with social media sites,” Maggie says.  “I have a Facebook page, a page for my photography, Foursquare, two Tumblr blogs, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, a profile on, and Twitter.”  In fact, Maggie landed her current position as a direct result of a twelve-character tweet.

Wait.  What?

“During my senior year at Webster, I did a lot of research on people in the photo and social media spheres in St. Louis.  Jim, being the owner of a video/marketing company was one of those.  We first made contact through social media outlets and then kept in contact through those outlets.  I’ve never been one who can sit still for long, so the week after graduation I was on the job hunt.  I posted on Twitter, ‘I need a job.’  Within minutes, Jim sent me a message asking if I was serious!  We set up an interview for the next week, and BAM!  I became the Social Media and Marketing Specialist at Parabolic Media.” Continue reading

Just Landed: Kevin Huelsmann ’07


SCAN highlights School of Communications alumni who recently landed jobs in their field. Kevin Huelsmann (BA, Journalism, 2007) works as a reporter at the Jackson Hole News and Guide in Jackson, Wy.

SCAN: How did you find out about the job you have?

Kevin Huelsmann: I scanned on a daily basis for a few months and sent out my resume and clips to any newspapers that sounded interesting.

SCAN: How did you prepare for the interview?

KH: I actually didn’t prepare for the interview at all. My editor (who was then my prospective employer) unexpectedly called me. I sent my resume and clips a month or two before he actually called me and had dismissed the paper by then. After a few months I figured they weren’t interested.

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Just Landed: Brittany Hyatt Burke ’06

brittany_burkeSCAN highlights School of Communications alumni who recently landed jobs in their field. Brittany Hyatt Burke (BA, Broadcast Journalism, 2006) works as an associate producer/assignment desk editor for CW11 News on KPLR-TV in St. Louis.

SCAN: How did you land your job?

Brittany Hyatt Burke: I got lucky. I had an internship with CW 11 News my last semester of college. I worked really hard to make an impression and learn the ropes while I was there. A position opened up the summer after I graduated and the assignment desk editor gave me a call. Not too long after that I was sitting at my own cubicle.

SCAN: When did you realize this was the career for you?

BHB: I don’t think I have realized that yet. I am still taking everything in and learning how the business works. So far I love it and right now this is the career for me. Continue reading