Ashley Lam, ’11, Freelance Production Assistant: On Hollywood. And Crocheted Beards.

This is Ashley Lam.

Photo 547Ashley graduated in May 2011 with a BA in photography. Now, she lives and works in Hollywood, where she freelances as a Production Assistant. She’s worked on an variety of exciting projects already, including the game show Oh Sit!; the 2012 Burt Reynolds film, How Sweet It Is; and the TV series, Through the Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman.

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Like Social Media? How Maggie Gravier ’12 Networked Her Way Into a Job

Meet Maggie Gravier, 22 year-old Photographer at goBRANDgo!, St. Louis, MO.  She also owns her own photography business, Margaret Gravier Photo.

Maggie Gravier graduated from Webster with a BA in photography in Spring, 2012.  But before the ink even dried on her diploma, Maggie had already landed a permanent job as a social media/marketing specialist, which quickly developed into much more.  How, exactly, does that happen?  Five words:  Maggie is a networking machine.

Network Network Network and then Network some more

“In the past year, I have become completely obsessed with social media sites,” Maggie says.  “I have a Facebook page, a page for my photography, Foursquare, two Tumblr blogs, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, a profile on, and Twitter.”  In fact, Maggie landed her current position as a direct result of a twelve-character tweet.

Wait.  What?

“During my senior year at Webster, I did a lot of research on people in the photo and social media spheres in St. Louis.  Jim, being the owner of a video/marketing company was one of those.  We first made contact through social media outlets and then kept in contact through those outlets.  I’ve never been one who can sit still for long, so the week after graduation I was on the job hunt.  I posted on Twitter, ‘I need a job.’  Within minutes, Jim sent me a message asking if I was serious!  We set up an interview for the next week, and BAM!  I became the Social Media and Marketing Specialist at Parabolic Media.” Continue reading

Educating Refugees from Her Home in Thailand


Part of Webster University’s educational mission is to seek out and fulfill unmet needs. It’s a mission Lisa Nesser (BA, Photography, 2000) took to heart and applied halfway around the world.

Nesser is the founder of Thai Freedom House, a school she operates out of her home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The school caters to refugees and indigenous people living in the area, providing educational opportunities to those who may not be able to secure them otherwise.

“While working through other organizations I saw a need that wasn’t being addressed – education for the street kids that are usually refugees or indigenous (hill tribe) people,” Nesser said. “There was nowhere for them to get an education, no where for them to feel safe and be kids. Continue reading

Marbles Gallery to Exhibit Photography by Theresa Marshall ’91

Berlin IMG_2884

The work of photographer Theresa Marshall (BA, Photography, 1991) chronicling the fall of the Berlin Wall will be on display Nov. 9-30 at Marbles Gallery in St. Louis — 20 years after the historic wall came down.

Marshall spent three years in Berlin serving as a sergeant in the Armed Forces when she witnessed —and documented — the fall of the Berlin Wall.  It was an event met with tearful and jubilant crowds gathered all along the wall to celebrate the end of the Cold War. “Pieces of Berlin” offers a historical visual and intimate look at Marshall’s personal experience.

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Photo Competition Offers Hands-on Experience in Antarctica in conjunction with National Geographic Channel and Gap Adventures is offering the chance to go to Antarctica with on-assignment National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards. The scholarship recipient will photograph the world’s most remote wilderness and have their photographs published on the National Geographic Channel Web site.

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The May Gallery: On-Campus Gallery Displays the Best of Photography

Photography by Chad Schneider

Photography by Chad Schneider

When Professor Bill Barrett goes searching for the next great exhibit to display at the May Gallery, he isn’t always looking for one specific thing.

“I want to show the broadest range of photography that I can,” said Barrett, the gallery’s director. “I want to show the community what photography can be.”

It can be beautiful, emotional, simple and complex. But in the halls of the May Gallery, the work is always going to be first-rate.

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Sarah Carmody Shares Insights from Running her own Business


Sarah Carmody (BA, Media Communications with an emphasis in Photography, 1992) gets paid to shoot everything from weddings and portraits to dignitaries and celebrities. But it took more than photo skills — hard work and networking, for starters — to become her own boss.

Before launching her own business, Sarah Carmody Photography, Carmody worked an assortment of jobs, from Schiller’s to photo studios to local magazines.
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Pride in Print

A number of works from SOC faculty recently have found their way from publishers’ desks onto the sales racks. In this issue of SCAN, we highlight three faculty members who’s work has been published in the past year: Don Corrigan, Journalism; Gary Gottlieb, Audio Production; and, Susan Stang, Photography.

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Opportunities Abound … in Arkansas

Brian Chilson

It was the real-world experience he gained at Webster University that Brian Chilson (BA, Media Communications, 1987) appreciates most … that and a required class that cultivated his passion and career in photography.

“Black-and-white photography was a required course when I was at Webster,” Chilson said, “but I didn’t want to do it. I tried to opt out. But when I was done, I think I took every photography class they offered.”

Today Chilson works as a full-time photographer at the Arkansas Times, a Little Rock-based newspaper dedicated to politics and culture. But his first taste of photojournalism started at Webster. Continue reading

Alumna Volunteers in New Orleans Rebuilding Effort


Upon graduation, Linda Golden didn’t want to be stuck in a 9-to-5 job hustling coffee for people who make more than enough money to fetch it themselves. She wanted a purpose to her work and found it in the rebuilding of New Orleans.

“I didn’t think I could do a job where I wasn’t making a difference, that didn’t mean something to me,” said Golden (BA, Photography and French, Journalism minor, 2006). “And I always liked New Orleans.” Continue reading